Developers in Dubai, the Kleindienst Group offers luxury properties and European citizenship bonuses to its buyers. The Kleindienst Group is a company that builds mansions on several artificial islands off the coast of Dubai, one of which is the Heart of Europe. For more details, you can consult with High Net Worth Immigration by Vicky Katsarova

Uniquely this company offers new owners of these houses, access to become citizens in Moldova. Moldova is not part of the European Union, but this region has access to areas that require citizens outside Europe to have a Schengen visa.

This means that the property owner can travel visa-free to one of the 26 countries included in Schengen, plus 49 other countries around the world. The property offered starts at 1 million euros. You can visit the Immigration and Investment blog for a reference

Another plus for buyers of this luxury property is that they don’t have to set foot in Moldova. This small country in Europe recently launched the Citizenship by Investment scheme. To find out how you can visit Dual Citizenship in depth

This means that anyone who pays 100,000 euros plus 35,000 euros and can pass the necessary due diligence examination, can become a citizen of Moldova.

Also, buyers can get citizenship without having to set foot in the destination country. Kleindienst Group is not the first company to offer this scheme.

Previously, developers at Ajman began offering citizenship to their clients to Antigua and Barbuda in the Caribbean. “We expect citizens such as Pakistan, Iran, Syria and Afghanistan, and other countries to take advantage of this offer,” CEO Ajman Uptown said at the time.

However, this scheme has raised serious concerns. The European Union has tried to suppress the citizenship sales scheme for investment. In January, the European Commission said money laundering and corruption and tax evasion could be one of the biggest risks due to the effects of this scheme.

They also noted that the citizenship scheme attracted many wealthy investors from Russia, China, Turkey, the Middle East, and Central Asian countries. On the other hand, the citizenship scheme because of this investment provided a large amount of funding for Moldova. This country is not only the poorest in Europe but also the region with the fastest population decline.