Political tradition will be defined by the citizens of a countries beliefs that are generally shared and how we feel about the political system within the state. So when a particular part of the society is clearly distinguishable from others in the same political system, then we discover that it has developed a definite political sub-culture of its own, France is the classic example of such sub-cultures. Distinctive to American political culture are generally shared beliefs in democracy, equality, liberty, and nationalism, in addition to free enterprise and individualism.political culture Parochial

It is the ‘transformation honeymoon’ – the time dominated by political, moral, and symbolic values shared by the vast majority of society. 2) Topic Culture: Ethiopians are dimly aware of politics and political symbols however they understand that their life is touched by government insurance policies.political culture Parochial

In The Civic Tradition: Political Attitudes and Democracy in 5 Nations, Gabriel A. Almond and Sidney Verba interact the reader by their cogent and stylish analysis of civic tradition. Through controlled political socialisation, propaganda and educational system, the desired orientations are sought to be developed among the many people of the political system.

In this sort of culture, sometime issues emerge on the fundamental principles of separations of power and legitimacy. The term ‘political tradition’ is used within the subject of social science. Such kinds of people don’t have any function to play within the political culture.political culture Parochial

Political culture is a ranch of general culture of a society. The ‘who gets what, when, how and why’ in politics, economics, military and different actions must be evaluated when it comes to ethnicity, while it should have been evaluated in terms of democracy and democratic ideas.