I have been hanging out with some computer nerds as I said, in fact they are the sort of computer nerds that have managed to get rich here in college. I seem to be the only one who has actual college debt, the others here are on scholarship and I assume all of them could drop out and walk right into a high paying job with a tech firm. I have been trying to learn this thing they do with a bitcoin trader app. In essence the three of them have developed an algorithm which they use to predict the rise and fall of the price of bitcoin. Then they convinced a bunch of rich guys and brokerages that it would work. So far they have been right and they have apparently made around three million dollars from it. If you could not guess why, they did it to impress girls and apparently it worked. One of them managed to get a cheerleader to go out with him. He claims that he did more than that, but the rest of us think he paid her to be seen with him.

At any rate after they got the money they bought a really nice house about ten blocks from campus and they started inviting girls to parties. They did not invite any guys, but that does not seem to have stopped them. The basic result is that it really did not work out the way that they planned it, although I came out really well. I hang out with these guys and it looks like I am one of them without being nearly as socially awkward. When a girl talks to me I do not hyperventilate and instead I act as though it is not the first time, even though I rarely got anywhere when they did not think I was rich.