Football: Top 5 Goalscorers in Football History

Football- There are 5 top scorers in the history of football. What do you think Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are in order?

The top scorer in history in the world of football is always interesting to talk about. In every era, there has always been a superstar player who has managed to steal the show with his goal-scoring skills.

In football, the drama that occurs in a match is certainly something that fans have been waiting for. Of course, goals have a very vital role so that a drama can be exciting in football.

Until now, there have been quite a number of legendary players who have gone global thanks to their ability to score goals.

Here are the top 5 goalscorers in football history:

Cristiano Ronaldo (815 Goals from 1,120 Games)

Until now Ronaldo is undeniably one of the best players in the world with his skills in scoring goals. Even the Portuguese star player managed to be in the first position after recording 815 goals from 1,120 matches.

Even so, Ronaldo still has a very big opportunity to be able to add to his goal collection. The reason is, that Ronaldo is still one of the foundations of the Portugal national team and Manchester United.

Josef Bican (805 goals in 530 games)

Josef Bican is a former professional footballer of Austria-Czech descent who is very extraordinary. Even though he only played 530 matches, the former striker also managed to score 805 goals and sit in second place.

After retiring as a player, Bican tried his luck coaching several clubs. But now, Bican died in 2001 when he was 88 years old.

Romario (772 goals in 961 games)

Romario de Souza Faria is also able to become one of the sharpest goalscorers in world football. The former Brazil national team player has recorded 772 goals in 961 matches throughout his career.

Even though he has retired from the world of football, his name will still be there after successfully demonstrating his expertise in processing round leather. After retiring, he decided to go into politics.

Lionel Messi (769 goals in 973 games)

Lionel Messi of course included in the list of the highest goalscorers in the history of world football. The reason is, that after playing 973 matches, he has succeeded in producing 769 goals.

This can not be separated from his skills in dribbling with the Argentine national team and his old club, Barcelona. Even though Messi is currently struggling at Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), he still deserves to be called a legend.

Pele (767 goals in 831 games)

Pele is one of the legends of Brazilian football who is famous for his sharpness in scoring goals. The former player whose real name is Edson Arantes Do Nascimento has scored 767 goals in 831 matches.

Even so, Pele thought that this number was not true and claimed he had scored more than 1000 goals in his lifetime. But of course, the current record is only counted in official matches.