For the final exam in my computer science class, we had something that is a bit different from a traditional final exam. Rather than having us go to a room and take a long test, we had to complete a final programming assignment. The assignment is that we had to make a clock that shows the date, time, and lets us set an alarm. We were allowed to make the clock look any way we wanted, but it had to follow those specific rules. I got some help from to put the clock together.

I had an idea to make some strange space age science fiction looking clock, but decided that it would be too hard to implement some of the crazy things that I wanted for it. I decided to start with something simple, and then alter it into something better if I desired. The basic portions of the clock are what I had to start with first. I had to write code that would either start at a certain time and date, or pull time from the computer’s internal clock and sync it to that, effectively acting as a display. The alarm had to store a time value as a variable or variables, and then recall them when the clock reached a certain time.

Once I got the basic parts working and worked out a way to display them beyond a terminal interface, I began changing things to make the clock look more presentable. I decided to model the clock after a cuckoo clock, and had a cartoon bird that would come out at fifteen minute intervals, with it chirping on the hour with the number of the hour. The same bird would come out and chirp faster when the time that was set in the alarm was reached.