6 Challenges of the Rule of Law in Indonesia

6 Challenges of the Rule of Law in Indonesia

Indonesia is a legal state that applies the principle of the rule of law. The application of this principle in Indonesia has its own history, and there are always challenges to these legal principles.

Unclear legal certainty

The first principle of state law is related to legal certainty, which is currently being heavily promoted. Countries that have not been able to provide legal certainty fairly to all their citizens without exception can only apply the rule of law. This is a condition of a country and calls it an advanced democracy. Strong legal certainty for each individual citizen is one of the characteristics of the rule of law.

Low legal awareness

Another factor that can be one of the problems of the rule of law that can hinder its implementation in a country like Indonesia is the low legal awareness of the community. It will be very difficult … Read More

Cases: 4 Examples of Copyright Infringement

Cases: 4 Examples of Copyright Infringement

Cases- Someone who creates a copyrighted work, then they also have the copyright or commonly known as copyright. Copyright is the exclusive right for the creator or recipient of the right to publish or reproduce his creation or give permission not to reduce the restrictions according to the applicable laws and regulations. Copyright is also part of intellectual property rights.

In addition, Copyright applies to various types of works of art, or copyrighted works or creations, not just music. These creations include poetry, plays, films, choreographic works, musical compositions, sound recordings, paintings, drawings, sculptures, computer software, and industrial designs.

Come back again that the world is not that good. Due to the fact that there are still many cases of copyright infringement that occur. To discuss this, here are 5 examples of the most common Copyright Infringement:

Song Copyright Infringement Case

Copyright infringement is an act that does not have … Read More

Tax Avoidance: 3 Examples of Cases in Indonesia

Tax Avoidance: 3 Examples of Cases in Indonesia

Tax avoidance is an effort to avoid or save taxes that are still within the framework of meeting the provisions of the law.

Tax is a mandatory contribution to the state that is owned by an individual or entity that is coercive in nature based on the law, with no direct compensation. Using it for the purposes of the state for the prosperity of the people is not a transfer of wealth from one person to another.

Paying taxes is mandatory for every citizen. But there are still many who violate it by trying to avoid tax. This is certainly very detrimental to the country. The loss caused by tax evasion is also not a small nominal but almost tens of trillions.

Tax evasion usually has 3 ways, namely refraining, moving location, and juridical tax avoidance.

This article will discuss several cases of tax evasion that occurred in Indonesia. The … Read More

Football: Top 5 Goalscorers in Football History

Football: Top 5 Goalscorers in Football History

Football- There are 5 top scorers in the history of football. What do you think Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are in order?

The top scorer in history in the world of football is always interesting to talk about. In every era, there has always been a superstar player who has managed to steal the show with his goal-scoring skills.

In football, the drama that occurs in a match is certainly something that fans have been waiting for. Of course, goals have a very vital role so that a drama can be exciting in football.

Until now, there have been quite a number of legendary players who have gone global thanks to their ability to score goals.

Here are the top 5 goalscorers in football history:

Cristiano Ronaldo (815 Goals from 1,120 Games)

Until now Ronaldo is undeniably one of the best players in the world with his skills … Read More