The first hires you do for your startup are critical. These will help define the culture and will also be the “fuel” that will help the smooth running and development of the company.

Hiring the right people is essential to the success of your business, as successful entrepreneurs at BritainReviews say. This is why entrepreneurs should have a formal hiring process when they want to recruit staff.

With the price of time and effort to find the right people, you will increase your chances of hiring the best employees, while avoiding costly and unfortunate mistakes. You can also find helpful tips on loan companies in the UK online, so it’s worth checking out.

Look for ambitious people

A startup needs work, so you need ambitious and proactive people. Look for people who do not have a problem working overtime (at least for a start), hardworking people who like what they do and who are not afraid to express and implement their strategies.

Hire people you know

It may not be possible to hire only friends in the new startup, but at least look for acquaintances, why not, even former collaborators. With these people you will already have some work experience, you know what everyone is capable of and you will have a basic level of knowledge about the benefits or risks that each individual can bring you.

Look for people open to change

If the new employee is the kind of person who needs definitive insurance, guarantees and a detailed vision of their future career, they may be in the wrong place. The only guarantee you could offer is that your startup will change: sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse.

Real entrepreneurs are thrilled when they face challenges, and your team should share the same enthusiasm.

Look for people with whom you can have a social life

A startup requires a lot of work and, in this case, it is possible to spend more hours at the office, with colleagues, than at home with your family. Look for sociable people by your side, with whom you can feel comfortable.

Look for risk-tolerant people

Once a person wants to be part of your startup, it is almost understandable that they should also have risk tolerance. You can’t know for sure if the business will be successful or not, as a result, you can’t promise employees certain salary increases or benefits. In this situation, it is advisable to look for people who are willing to take risks with you.

All these characteristics are not necessarily essential in the formation of a team, but they can be useful landmarks to ensure compatibility.

Write detailed job descriptions

If you can’t get a clear idea of ​​what employees should do, you will have difficulty hiring the right person. Create a description for each position in the company, reflecting the responsibilities, skills and experience required.

Make sure you communicate the job requirements of the candidates during the interview.

Look beyond the resume

The best candidates on paper are not necessarily the most suitable for this position. Let the candidates talk about their interests, ambitions and priorities. If candidates dream of working for a large company with a high salary, they may not feel comfortable with a position in a small company.