Full Service Name Change Service will fill out all court documents correctly, file all paperwork with the court system, and publish notices in the newspaper. You shouldn’t have to fill out court documents, wait in line, or know the publishing requirements for a name change. Once your request is approved, a full-service company will provide you with your court order once it is approved. Here is everything that you need to know about the services you should expect from a full-service name-change company.1.

1. They should correctly prepare your petition for a name change and file it at the correct court. The petition needed for a name change can vary based on your unique circumstances. You should expect that your forms will be filled completely and filed correctly in the right court.

2. They should file your petition in the proper court and write up the required newspaper information. Once this is complete, they will make the required payments, schedule your hearing date, and get a stamped copy of your petition.

3. They should arrange the required notice for the newspaper, send it to the newspaper, and pay the required fees. Once the newspaper notice has been placed, they will get a proof of publication document and have it sent to the court system. They should provide you with everything you need for a name change from start to finish.

4. You will receive a decree (court order) and can get a certified copy(s) of your name change from the court system. 95+ percent of full-service customers get preliminary approval of the Petition work done by the court staff before they go to their court hearing. If required, they should go to the hearing and get your court order – decree for a name change. Once the judge approves your request, you can receive as many certified copies of your name change decree as you need. The certified decree for a name change is honored throughout the United States and the world. With a FULL-SERVICE name change agency, they should be there for you until after the court hearing and beyond.

A reputable legal name change company, with full service, should be able to take care of everything for you. They should prepare the documents required for your name change.  Once a judge approves your request, it becomes an official court order. The court clerk will sign and add the court’s seal to your certified copies. A certified copy is valid and can be used for a passport, at the Social Security Administration, DMV for REAL ID, banks, schools, and jobs. This certified copy can even be used for birth certificate name changes and all other types of official records.

The costs vary, but for example, with a full-service company like EZNameChange.com their cost, not including newspaper and court costs, is a mere $190. Here is a break down of the charges;

* $115 – This amount is charged for the preparation of the petition for a name change that is filed at the court. $75 – This amount pays for the court filing/hearing and newspaper arrangements. You will pay the additional court fees and newspaper publishing fees, with the $75 full-service charge, when you have signed the Petition prepared for you.

Other Costs Factors You Should Be Aware Of

Court Fees – The filing fee will depend on the exact court used; however, it typically costs between $435 and $480. If you cannot afford your court costs, the full service company should file an application (without additional charges) to request your court costs be waived.

Newspaper Charges – Most qualified newspapers charge between $80 and $100 for name change notices. In a few counties, the costs are considerably higher (up to $500)

Certified Copies – The court charges $25.50 for each certified copy; you should plan on getting at least two copies. 

Typical full-service fees include – 

– $115 petition preparation fee

– $75 Full-Service court filing/hearing appointment and publishing arrangements

– $435 court cost

– $80 newspaper cost

* Note – you should only pay for the services when they are to be done. For instance, you should only pay for the petition preparation to begin. You can pay for full service, court and publishing costs when it’s time to file in court.