There are different types of vehicles, and heavy trucks are familiar sights on many roads. Truck accidents are common, and many cause accidents and result in serious injuries, damages, and losses. Sadly, most people believe that the driver should bear the blame in case of an accident. But, many other things increase the likelihood of truck accidents.

Here are common truck accident causes:

1. Improper loading

Improper loading of cargo is a common cause of truck accidents. It results in shifting, uneven weight distribution, and all these are significant contributors to truck accidents. To prevent truck accidents, load freights appropriately to avoid accidents and injuries.

 If you incur injuries involving a truck, your top priority should be to get medical help. The next step would be to contact a Rockford truck accident lawyer since you may be entitled to compensation for the injuries. The attorney will assist you in following up for payment from the parties involved.

2. Driver fatigue

Driver fatigue is one of the most common causes of truck and other types of car accidents. It’s also among the most dangerous types of accidents. And this has made federal regulations to limit the number of hours that a truck driver can drive. However, these restrictions aren’t sufficient to stop drivers from driving when exhausted. Some companies pay per mile traveled, and this makes some drivers stretch themselves to make more money.

3. Poor vehicle maintenance

A truck accident doesn’t necessarily result from the driver’s fault. In some instances, the truck may also be faulty due to improper maintenance. And you should ensure that the vehicle functions efficiently before embarking on your journey. Things like fluid changes, inspection, brake service, and tire service are all crucial.

4. Poor weather conditions

Poor weather conditions can make driving more dangerous. Rain, snow, or ice significantly affect how the driver handles the vehicle. Temperature changes can also affect tires and cargo. For this reason, all truck drivers should have satisfactory skills to manage poor weather conditions. They should as well understand the different barking techniques for various weather conditions.

5. Distracted driving

Distracted driving is presumably the most common cause of many truck accidents. Nowadays, it’s easy for a driver to get distracted, with things like mobile phones and flat-screen navigation systems, distracted driving is an issue worth mentioning. Some of the common forms of driver distractions include; smoking, texting, making calls, tuning the radio, and many more.

6. Lack of experience

The amount of experience determines how the track diver conducts themselves while on the road. Drivers who have adequate expertise have the necessary skills and have gained hands-on experience over the years. However, a new driver to the industry is still a novice, and they are likely to cause accidents.

Final thoughts

There are various causes of truck accidents, and many are easily avoidable. If you get injuries in a truck accident, visit or contact a personal injury law firm, and they will advise you on the process of filing a claim. Also, see a doctor even when you don’t have noticeable signs of injury.