Top 3 Best Law Firms in Indonesia
Top 3 Best Law Firms in Indonesia

Indonesia is a country with a large number of law firms spread throughout the region. Its function is to become a place of work for lawyers and advocates to provide consulting services and also assist legal cases for people in need.

There are many types of law firms that have been established

  1. Starting from the office that handles corporate and financial matters
  2. Handle personal cases, both civil and criminal
  3. To cases involving foreign parties, such as multinational companies or investors.

Mochtar Karuwin Komar (MKK)

MKK is one of the best law firms in Indonesia as well as the oldest established in 1971. So most of the clients who seek legal assistance from MKK cover the fields of banking law, mediation, real estate, investment law, corporate, information technology, mining, and shipping.

Assegaf Hamzah & Partners (AHP)

One of the big names who are partners in this Indonesian law firm is Chandra M Hamzah, who is a senior partner at AHP. Then, lawyers who often handle legal fields from this office include banking, corporate mergers, investment, and the energy sector.

Melli Darsa & Co

Not many of Indonesia’s top law firms are female lawyers. Melli Darsa & Co is an Indonesian law firm led by a female lawyer. The firm has handled various legal issues in the banking and financial sector. Since then, MDC has mostly handled transactions and acquisitions from large companies.

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