There are many ideas for a happy Christmas season that individuals and organizations can organize for their employees. You and your staff have weathered a lot of things throughout the year, and your business has fared well. You owe it to your staff to make Christmas special for them. Either it is a simple party or a sophisticated celebration, your employees deserve to be celebrated. Here is a list of how you can make Christmas special for them:

Organize Christmas decorations

Taking a few hours off work and getting everyone to exercise their aesthetic and creative nature won’t hurt. You will be surprised at how tinsel, baubles, and other decorative items can help light up the atmosphere of your office. You would also get to experience the ingenuity of your staff, something work may not have allowed them to display. You can make the Christmas decoration a yearly tradition; this makes your team bond more and create wonderful memories while working together. Even the most depressed of employees will be cheered up.

Award your employees

People love to be recognized and rewarded for their efforts and achievements, and your employees are not left out. Host an award ceremony in your office and have everyone in attendance. An award ceremony does not have to be expensive, you can organize one with some drinks and a couple of snacks. Just ensure everyone feels comfortable. Your employees will know that you value them. You do not have to award based on targets, you can award based on virtues, efforts, physical appearance, personality, etc. Make the awards reach almost everyone so that no one will think you prefer some people over others. Ensure no one feels left out.

Provide the necessary tools for your staff

Another way you can make Christmas special for your staff is to ask them to list out what will make them more efficient. Your employees cannot be more productive than the quality of the tools available. As such, if you make poor tools available to them, it will be unfair to demand exceptional work from them. They will see you as a boss that does not care about them and the environment starts becoming toxic. You and your employees can have a meeting on how best you can enhance their performance. Even if you cannot afford the tools now, they will know that you have their best interest at heart and will be more inclined to serve you well.

Give them a break early

Your employees have probably been working round the clock throughout the year. They do not have to work until the very end of December before you release them. Once they have hit their target, you should allow them to go even if it is early. This is a great incentive if you can do it. You will be giving your staff ample time to rest and spend time with their families. You can tell them this beforehand so that it will motivate them to not get sloppy at their job and also get results.

Organize a Christmas wine and dine

This idea is very brilliant for two reasons: it gets the entire staff involved in the Christmas celebrations and it involves food. You can make it more fun by writing down the food suggestions inside a hat and having your employees pick them from a hat. The food suggestions you can write down include mince pies, stuffing, turkey, sprouts, etc. Pick a date that everyone loves and ask them to come with their dishes. While your staff will bring various dishes according to what they picked, you should prepare something as well, such as the turkey because of the cost. You can read food delivery companies’ reviews to know the right company that you can hire to provide your food and drinks needs for the Christmas wine and dear.

Sing Christmas songs and play Christmas games

Having your staff go Christmas caroling may take a little bit of planning and persuading, but it is more fun. You can also use this means to bring some Christmas shares to your neighbors. You can sing to the other offices or businesses around or you all could go out and make your caroling a charitable event. Additionally, you can play Christmas games too. It is a way of livening up your celebrations. The games you can play include snowman competition, Christmas charades, wrapping completion, a quiz, etc.

Watch a Christmas movie

This is another way to remind your employees of the reason for the celebration of the season. If you have the needed resources such as a projector, etc, you can get a good movie and watch it together with your employees. In short, you can turn your office into a cinema for that night and enjoy the ambiance of the atmosphere. Who would not like a good movie that is accompanied by a good snack and beverage? You can ask your employees to select movies to watch so that they will be involved in the decision-making process too.

Increase your employees’ pay

Christmas is a good time to be a financial blessing to your employees. You do not have to wait till something financially big comes through in your business before you add to their wages. Depending on your current business capacity, you can give your workers a Christmas bonus. You can also give them material gifts, foodstuff for their families, etc. If there is anything they pay for at the office, maybe coffee, etc., you can decide to sponsor such expense throughout the Christmas period. You can also look out for their special personal needs and meet some of them.

Organize an honest evaluation session

This might not go down well with your employees, but it is necessary. Christmas should not be all about wining and dining and celebrating. It should also be a time for personal reflection. Individuals should assess how well they have performed and how they can get better. Ensure you tell every one of your workers what they have done that you liked and the areas for improvement. You can do this individually so that no one will be embarrassed. Additionally, you should ask for a review from your workers too. This will help you know where you need to improve as a leader.