The hegemonic categorization of the Jamaican landscape is primarily the justifiable cause for the subtle demonstrations and social hemorrhaging. This civilizing mission, which was in form of colonization and Christianization of the Africans, can finest be described as rape of Africa, which created a disaster of self-id, injured her human dignity, sapped her self-confidence, and led her into perpetual soul-searching.

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Those that don’t perceive this have said Hurtak is speaking of a “Master race.” The term “Race” has such a loaded that means at the moment that had Hurtak written the guide today he might have used “Christ consciousness” since he was speaking about the outlook or mindset of a group of people, not their genetic, spiritual, or nationwide heritage.comparative politics

The African’s philosophical responses and the idea of cultural relativism have been makes an attempt by outstanding African scholars and nationalists to present solutions to a few of the questions raised in the problem of rationality, and also to revive self confidences, status and honour to Africa, allowing for that Africans via slavery and colonialism have suffered cultural discontinuity and dislocations and consequently made a individuals with no confidence in themselves.comparative politics

The purpose of a society is anchored on rationality and that explains why co-existence in a society will likely be hampered without a sense of rationality, rational angle to life and essential society values, such as: tolerance, respect, freedom, equality, justice and value for human life.comparative politics