A cyclist denied insurance after an accident is awarded 2.7 million dollars by a court.  Insurance lawyers are a critical component for assuring that the public receive justice and compensation that is needed and derved.


A male cyclist was awarded 2.763 million dollars by the jury of a federal court because they believed that the insurance company did not properly compensate the man after he had suffered injuries in an accident that happened in 2012.


The incident happened at Third Avenue and 29th Street in Columbus, when the man was hit by an oncoming vehicle while he was on his cycle. This happened on the 26th of February, 2012.


The company that gave the insurance to the driver of the vehicle who hit the cyclist, did not settle the claim as per the policy limits issued as part of the insurance, and did not act in good faith through the entire process, as per the official documents of the court.


The attorney for the cyclist believes that the insurance company could have got off, if they had settled the claim for around 30,000 dollars right in 2012 itself. As a result of the accident, the cyclist suffered injuries to his back and neck. Inspite of that, the insurance company offered to give him around 12,500 dollars which is a fraction more than the 10,000 dollars that he incurred in medical bills.


The cyclist was hit by an SUV – and the fact that the driver of the SUV was responsible for the accident, which saw the cyclist being knocked off the cycle and crashed into a utility pole was not at all disputed by all parties concerned. The insurance company let the SUV driver know that they would take care of the matter with the attorney of the cyclist.


The sad part here is that the cyclist did not have any healthcare insurance and was not able to get the required medical care after his accident. After three months, the cyclist’s attorney sent a letter to the insurance company offering a settlement in exchange for the policy limits. The insurance company declined the offer, and proposed a counter offer, to settle it for 12,409 dollars. The cyclist’s attorneys saw that by not accepting the settlement terms, the SUV driver ran the risk of paying the amount.


The cyclist sued the driver in Muskogee County Superior Court. With the defendant nor the insurance company answering the summons of the court, the judge was force to deliver a default verdict for 2.916 million dollars, which was the initial amount requested by the cyclist’s attorneys.


The insurance company however did not want to accept this judgement and hired counsel to get the judgement overturned. But, the actions of the insurance company set off wrong connotations with the jury of the US District Court in Georgia, and they awarded the cyclist with 2.763 million dollars. It is believed that the insurance company will further appeal this judgement because they are looking to inoculate themselves from the lawsuits that will come as a result of their bad faith dealings with the cyclist. Once the judgement is in effect, the entire sum will have to be awarded to the cyclist, who is the bankruptcy trustee in this case.