I was in an accident a few days ago. I got banged up a bit, but I am going to be just fine. My car suffered just minor injuries as well, for which I am equally as grateful because it is fairly new. I knew that I was going to have to get replacement plates though because my plate got banged up too much to continue to use. I went to https://www.showplatesdirect.com/number-plates-maker/ because this is where I ordered my original plate when I first bought my car. That was the first time I had used this company for plates, but I knew that it would not be the last. I just did not expect to need them again so soon!

I was already used to their website, so I just went there and went through the very fast process of ordering new plates for my car. It was even faster this time because I was a returning customer. I would not have minded having to go through the entire process like the first time, but it is a nice benefit for those who are returning to the site to order additional plates.

I had the choice of getting same-day delivery, next day delivery, or regular delivery. I really wanted to get all of this taken care of as quickly as possible, so I opted for the same day delivery. The cost was not much at all, and it meant that I could cross one more thing off of my evergrowing list of things that needed to get done because of this accident. I honestly wish every aspect of what I had to do was as quick as what it was to order replacement plates. I am not going to complain though because the accident could have been much worse than what it was!