Black Studies is a relatively new educational area. The division also affords a short course overlaying the mathematical and statistical instruments generally employed by political scientists (PS 2000: Mathematics for Political Scientists) held Monday through Thursday the week prior to the start of the autumn time period and is a prerequisite for all advanced Political Methodology course offerings.

I’m an assistant professor of Political Science at Rice College, and I hope that you’re going to oppose Senator Coburn’s modification to de-fund the Political Science program on the Nationwide Science Foundation (the Coburn amendment to HR 933 currently before the Senate).political methodology

Techniques that we develop are used by nationwide safety companies just like the CIA and DOD to forecast events of political importance to the United States, and many of our PhDs go on to work straight for the federal government or contracting firms in this capability.political methodology

Not only have new strategies and methods been developed, but the Political Methodology Society and the Qualitative Strategies Part of the American Political Science Association have engaged in ongoing analysis andtraining applications which have advanced each quantitative and qualitative methodology.political methodology

Our poster summarizing the results is right here This is an ongoing venture, so some of our findings could change or be refined as we proceed our work; nevertheless, I do think it is a good time to summarize where we are actually and seek recommendations.