One of the most common accidents that happen in households in the United States, are the slip and fall accidents. These accidents list millions of visits to the emergency room. Someone who suffer this type of accidents need to know their legal options.

In Slip and Fall Lawyers, Mesquite, TX, help people who have suffered a slip and fall type of injury get a compensation. They will help the victim file a personal injury claim. So the victim can cover all the expenses related to the cover of these injuries. The victim can contact them, and get a first free consultation.

Should I hire a lawyer for this type of accidents? 

Not necessarily, you can file a personal injury claim by yourself without the need of a lawyer. Even negotiate a settlement. But when it comes to file a claim against a property owner, it could go uphill. As you face their insurance company and its group of lawyers of the property owner.

Slip and fall accidents are not easy to deal with, because the at-fault is not always clear. Property owners can claim that the accident happened because of your clumsiness. Making difficult to get a good compensation. 

The time to resolve these types of accidents can go for months to several years. Instead of going alone in this process, contacting a lawyer will ease the way to get a good compensation.  

Could I make a claim for compensation in a slip and fall accident?

The person or company at-fault in these type of accidents are hard to find. But that doesn’t mean once is discovered that the accident occur because of someone negligence. The victim is allowed to claim for a compensation. Normally compensation claims cover:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Mental & physical pain
  • Health care in home
  • Property recovery of damages

These type of accidents may look simple, but these scenarios could change quickly in to a legal battle. Finding a good and expert lawyer is essential to take the advantage in court and win. Here in Fielding Law, their attorneys take care of the victim’s well-being. And they make sure to get the compensation and justice the victims deserve  

Types of accidents you can claim

Since these accidents can happen in any place at any time, there are a few ones you can claim for a compensation. Some of them being:

  • While playing in the schoolyard
  • Slip and falls accidents while being in the supermarket or any retail outlets
  • Accidents inside a private property, including rental places
  • Injuries caused while playing sports or animals
  • Accidents while driving a bicycle that doesn’t involve other types of vehicle
  • Physical Abuse


Time limit to file a claim

The time limit will depend on the state and federal laws. The victim must report a personal injury claim once it is aware of the injuries caused in the accident. Time could vary in the state or federal level. Contacting a lawyer is something the victim should do soon as possible.