Currently, the services of divorce lawyers are increasingly phenomenal, this is because the phenomenon of divorce is increasing. The definition of a divorce lawyer itself is a service lawyer or attorney whose job is to provide legal consulting services or legal assistance related to divorce cases.
Currently, there are quite a number of advocate offices with a team of experienced and professional advocates or lawyers in providing legal consultation to handle divorce cases both in religious courts and in district courts.
Actual marriage law is closely related to divorce law. Basically, divorce law in Indonesia regulates the principle that the breakdown of a marital relationship as a result of divorce between husband and wife is only legal through a court decision. Thus, if there is no court decision, then the divorce will never occur and will never be recognized in the eyes of the law.
However, if at the time the Defendant / Respondent’s decision is not present, notification of the contents of the decision is delivered to the Defendant / Respondent in the form of a letter and commencing 14 days from the receipt of the letter to the Defendant / Respondent’s address, the decision has permanent legal force (legally divorced).
What if there is no request for appeal?
If in a divorce case there is no appeal and the applicant is the husband, then the divorce vow must be attended to first. After that, the Divorce Certificate will be processed.
However, if the Plaintiff is the wife after there is no appeal, the Divorce Certificate will be processed immediately (no further trial).
Divorce is a difficult process for couples. As a result of their divorce, they can be physically and emotionally hurt.
Here are some factors for the grounds for divorce
Difference in principle
The reason for the difference in principle is often used by couples when divorcing. Principle problems usually relate to religion, career, children, and other differences.
The problem of domestic violence is also one of the causes for couples to divorce. Physical violence is a major factor in why a wife or husband issuing their partner for divorce.
Who can stand life together? Especially if the affair involves sexual activity. This reason is often used to divorce partners.
Many people often smoke, get drunk, and drink illegal drugs. If they are addicted, it is not uncommon for them to be divorced from their partners.
Money can’t buy happiness. But if there is no money, someone can run from their partner. This financial problem is often found as a trigger for divorce.
What does it mean to live together if you never communicate? Especially if one partner lives away from home for work reasons. Poor communication can also destroy a household.
Sex is clearly important in married life. Without sex, everything feels bland. Rather than living like that, most people end up getting divorced.
There is actually a solution to each of the problems mentioned above. But it’s all up to the individual who lives his life.
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