Motivators are those who provide motivation or encourage someone to move in support. As a mobilizer, you must have truly trustworthy credibility. Do not let you choose the wrong motivational speaker UK. The best motivator who can be a role model for others. Therefore, as a motivator, one’s credibility and quality must be well thought out.
Many motivators exist in Indonesia and even the world. The role of the motivator is indeed very big to change someone’s life. As Eddie Edwards speaker, Despite a little skill for the sport, Olympic skier Eddie ‘the Eagle’ Edwards won the hearts and minds of the people with his heroics and is still one of the most loved athletes today; in the end, it was released in the biographical film Eddie the Eagle (2016), and he has appeared on Channel 4 programs such as ‘The Jump’. Did you know that there are several types of motivators available?
Motivators of types

  1. Motivator Independent Experience
    This type of motivator that can be offered is the best type of motivator. The cause of this type of motivator motivates others based on their own experiences. For example Chairul Tanjung. His success began from his life only as an odd trader. Through experience and ways to overcome twists and turns, life becomes a successful person to be shared with others. This is called a self-experience motivator.
  2. Other Experience Motivators
    In this type of motivator motivates participants with the experience of others. As an example of a motivator who motivates participants by talking about the success of Jeff Bezos as the winner of This type of motivator will motivate participants through Jeff Bezos’ journey to success.
  3. Textbook Motivator
    This type of motivator motivates participants based on the motivational books on Abaca. The example of a motivator motivates the theories of the book being read. Through his understanding of this theory, he provides the basics of motivation, how to motivate, attitudes, and various things about motivation.
  4. Self Theory Motivator
    If the motivational textbook motivates other people’s theories, it is different from the self-motivator theory which motivates others with the theories they make themselves. As a motivator of this type before motivating, he makes writing that will be sent to participants. This type of motivator is usually an accomplished writer or speaker.
  5. All Types of Motivators
    As the name suggests, all types of motivators are motivators who motivate others by a combination of all types of motivators above. This type of motivator usually motivates others from the experiences they have attended themselves, from books and theories of others other than the theories they make themselves.
    Tips for Choosing the Best Motivator
    In the business world, motivators support to encourage and encourage employees to work optimally. So do not be surprised if many companies need motivator services to boost employee morale. But before deciding to choose the best motivator, there are agreed to decide the following:
  6. How to deliver
    Get to choose motivators who can deliver the delivery method on target. Not only words of hope that soared but a direction to move towards realizing goals or dreams.
    Quality motivators can bring material interactively, inspire, and provide fun conveniences. The more participants will be more enthusiastic about motivational training.
  7. Material
    In addition to the delivery, the material presented is also important. For business training needs, many types of material can be provided to employees. The material submitted must be by the materials needed by the company.
    Do not let the company you need the company provided from that context. Of course, this will harm the company.