Topics related to learning SEO has become a topic that I find quite interesting, and as long as I published this article before I have written an article related to learning SEO. Well, because I feel the article is not appearing, I try to refresh this article.

Many people say SEO is easy, for me personally the assumption is not entirely true nor is it entirely wrong, depending on how far we want to explore the world of SEO itself. And since this topic is a matter of learning, I assume the reader of this article is someone who is just learning, so I will try to adjust the material to the reader so that it is easy to understand. If you want to be more courteous, you can just have a face-to-face discussion later, we will have coffee while gathering.

Okay we proceed to the discussion, visit Free SEO Consultation

In my opinion, basic SEO requires at least 3 things that we must learn, these 3 things include:

1. Programing

2. Creating Content

3. and SEO itself

So it is not enough to just learn SEO material, although in general not all of the above must be understood fully (expert).

Why is that?

Because by default, SEO covers a lot of things. Onpage SEO has to do with web development (programming) and content that has to do with creativity. And of course, not everyone can have the passion to learn the above things simultaneously, learn from Content Syndication SEO Guide

Fortunately, now we are facilitated by the many SEO plugins and SEO tools that are scattered. Just imagine if SEO plugins and SEO tools don’t exist, or WordPress doesn’t exist, then we have to create it ourselves. Or another example if we want to create a special SEO feature that we don’t find the plugin, of course, we have to make the plugin ourselves, right?

There are many SEO practitioners I know, such as Mas Udhi (Traveloka’s SEO) and Mas Vatih (Founder of Synthesis) who have quite good programming skills. Minimal, this basic knowledge can make us choose the right theme or plugin as needed. Let’s say: AIO SEO vs Yoast which is good? all good, depending on needs.

At this point, I hope the reader understands that there is an important role in programming in SEO.