It was just another day at work. In fact I was trying to figure out how to pass the time without letting the bosses know that I did not really have any work left to do. I am pretty sure that they dumped this on me after they figured out that I was done with everything they had assigned me to do. At first they told me that they wanted me to buy Reddit upvotes, but after I started to ask questions I was pretty sure that this was not really what they wanted me to. However at the same time I was pretty sure that they were not really able to tell me what they wanted. The boss had apparently had a meeting with some guy who claimed that he was in social media marketing, but he was not born yesterday and he did some research. He found out that this guy was a pretty shady character or so he told us, but at the same time he thought that we could do what he wanted.

I guess that someone told him that I was on my high school golf team after he asked about the project. I got the feeling they were trying to get him distracted and the next thing I knew we were playing golf at his country club. He was asking me about the plan and I just told him that I did not have a clue, but I had thought about the problem and the only idea that I had come up with was to have a contest. Of course I figured that just about anything you did was going to look like spam and that people are pretty much immune to ads any way. So I figured that the old adage about honey and vinegar applied.