How to Choose the Right Speech Topic for You

Not all topics are right for everyone. If you are asked to talk about something unknown or not experienced by you, you will have a hard time talking confidently. If given a choice, choose to talk about topics that you are familiar with and / or like.

But don’t worry, even if you have been asked to talk about topics that are less than ideal for you, the tips in this tutorial can still teach you how to speak confidently in public, you can get good topics and speeches at Paayi Knowledge, there are many topic choices and speech according to what you say

In addition, the type of speech you choose affects how confident you are. There are several types of speeches:

• Informative speeches. The purpose of an informative speech is to make your audience aware of new information. An example is a speech instructing the listener about how to do something.

• Persuasive speeches. Persuasive speeches try to motivate listeners to take action or make a purchase. An example is a sales presentation.

• Speech given for entertainment. Speeches are often given to entertain the audience. For example, you might be asked to give toast to celebrate the achievements of a coworker who has been promoted.

Of course, some speeches serve more than one purpose. So you can have a speech that is intended to be somewhat entertaining, but that is also intended to convince the audience.

Some people feel uncomfortable with certain types of speech. For example, many people struggle with persuasive speeches because they are not comfortable selling them. Others have problems with speeches that are meant to be funny.

Whatever type of speech you have asked to give, you will do better (and more confident) if you are prepared enough – starting with the research and writing steps.

It is normal to be afraid of public speaking. In one study conducted among business school students, three out of four said they were afraid of public speaking. So if public speaking makes you nervous, you are not alone.

Knowing how to speak confidently in public is an important skill. Whether you are a business professional who needs to give a presentation, a student at school, or someone who is asked to give a talk for a social event – you want your speech to go well. But if you have never given a speech before, you might be worried about how to talk to an audience.

With proper preparation, you can learn to speak in public with confidence. In this tutorial, you will learn how to deliver a speech with confidence. We will provide steps that will help you prepare and greet with confidence. Plus, we will share some additional resources that will show you how to stay confident while talking.