In this increasingly advanced era, fraudulent practices that are carried out through online media are increasingly prevalent, usually, the practice carried out will end in the loss of the victim’s money. However, in line with the advancement of technology, the methods of cheating have become increasingly varied.
Currently, many con artists do not immediately take the action by asking the victim for money directly, but they are practicing deception under the guise of selling. One way is to sell reconditioned laptops under the guise of new laptops at low prices.
What is a Reconditioned Laptop?
Unlike the original laptop, a reconditioned laptop is a laptop that is unofficially assembled by an individual, usually, this laptop has an external appearance that is similar to a laptop from the factory, but the problem is the inside of the laptop. It could be that the inside of the laptop is not following the specifications it should be, or it could be that the spare parts used are not up to standard or refurbished laptops.
However, it should be noted, the person who commits this reconditioned laptop scam is different from the person or shop that sells used laptops. used laptop sellers usually tell you the shortcomings and performance of the laptop being sold, and also if there is a change in the spare part there will be information provided.

How To Distinguish Original Or Reconditioned (Assembled) Laptops

  1. Check the Official Brochure and the Manufacturer’s Website
    Make sure the laptop you are going to buy is following the specifications and completeness in the brochure and website, if one or 2 of these things do not match what is in the brochure then it is necessary to suspect that the laptop may be reconditioned.
  2. Be careful with seals
    The seal is a sign that the laptop is originally assembled from the factory, and with this seal, if we experience damage we can claim a warranty. But for unscrupulous makers of reconditioned laptops, this seal can be faked so that potential buyers are deceived into thinking the laptop is indeed genuine from the manufacturer.
  3. Prices are below standard
    One of the things that make this reconditioned laptop attractive is that laptops are sold below the price set by the laptop manufacturer. Even though if it is rational, the laptop can’t be sold below the official price.
  4. Check the Warranty Card
    How to different original or recondition laptop (assembly) next is to make sure the laptop matches the brochure, don’t forget to check the warranty card, usually, the company provides a warranty of only 1-2 years or more to guarantee the condition of the laptop if you find a warranty card provides less warranty than that it could be that the laptop is not an official item from the company.
  5. Get an experienced person
    To be more sure whether the laptop you are going to buy is original, invite a friend or someone who understands more about laptops and ask for help to check the laptop.
    Now by knowing how to distinguish an original laptop from a reconditioned laptop, I hope you can be more careful in buying a laptop