The whole idea of Suomiarvostelut is that we want people to be empowered. We understand that you work hard for your money, and you don’t want to just spend it on the first place you happen to come across.

That’s why we want people to tell about their experiences, and write reviews for all of the places they buy from or use. By doing this, you’ll be helping other people to make better decisions for themselves.

Nobody wants to waste their money on a business that’s just rubbish. And a good way to tell the rubbish from the good is to read what other people have said.

What the studies say

Scientists have performed a study on reviews to find out just how important they are, and what kinds of reviews people are more likely to take seriously.

Of course, we don’t want you to just do things because we tell you to, we want you to be able to fully understand the importance of reviews.

This study has shown us that reviews can have a big impact on how we view companies, if someone is warning us of danger, it’s in our nature to want to avoid it. And the internet has made doing so very easy.

Big companies can pay for reviews

One big reason why local reviews are more valuable than international reviews is that big companies have a lot of money.

As a result, they can (and often do) pay people to write positive reviews about them, or negative reviews about their competition. This means that even if they’re actually rubbish, they can pay to have good reviews written about them.

Local reviews on the other hand, are going to be far more honest. The reviews written for these companies will be from people who have actually been customers, and wish to share their experience.

We trust our community

Most of us are going to be far more trusting of our communities than we are of people from across the planet. When people are within your own community, you can get the feeling that you understand them better, and their needs will be closer to your own needs.

For this reason, when someone who lives closer to us gives us their opinion, we’ll be far more likely to actually take it seriously. And a result of this is that we’re more likely to buy from the people who they have recommended and avoid those who they have criticised.

Finnish Culture

In Finland, we like to be looking out for one another. We want to make sure that those who live close to us are doing okay, and not spending their money on pointless stuff.

As a result, whenever we write a review for somewhere, we’ll always be honest. If somewhere is good, we want everyone to know about it. But if somewhere is bad, we’ll want people to avoid it. The Finnish culture relies upon community, and a big part of that is being able to trust one another. Therefore a review written by a local is more reliable.