Reviews are what we all do, whether consciously or unconsciously. It’s already part of us, and Norwegians are encouraged to make it a way of life before entering into any contract or buying relationship with any company. We consider ourselves sure of the opinion of a restaurant by our friends and family just with reviews. Regardless of how good a restaurant appears to be because of its website and presentation, if anyone shares a bad experience with me, it is doubtful that I will go. But it’s not just restaurants and hospitality services that benefit from reviews; virtually any organization with an online presence are subject to the personal experiences of people that are shared for potential consumers to see.

We All Play A Part!!

It’s likely visible to you that everyone is playing a part in this scenario. The person who has chosen to leave a bad review due to being angry with the poor quality received. The people who quit or change their mind in patronizing a company because of criticism. The person who eventually decided to opt-in for a company because of review. We all play a part in writing reviews to become a significant part of our society and culture.

And that’s why reviews have come to be a significant part of society and culture. Since the Internet has become the most convenient way of providing information, online reviews have become a valid form of marketing which every business should profit from. We trust positive customer interactions in today’s world so much that many of us are not going to take the risk of using a company with poor reviews.

So, let’s take a look at some of the reasons how reviews have become a significant part of society and culture.

Establish a Customer Voice

Loyal consumers are more likely to be those who make an effort to write a constructive review. O, They applaud you and share it with all to see and it makes people feel like they’ve got a voice, and it can help build a business partnership. Consumers will feel empowered to have the freedom to use reviews to voice their opinion.

Influencer Marketing

Reviews are written form of influencer marketing. Better still, they are like an infomercial of the present day! When you see a product being advertised by a celebrity or influencer, it influences whether you want to buy the product or not. However, most people are aware of the fact that the consumer may not have used the product at all.

And if people know that an influencer might not personally have used a product that they support, they feel more associated with the product. It leads to increased comfort when buying a product which has been endorsed in this way. The same is true of customer feedback or reviews.


Customer reviews and ratings are what make businesses grow more productively. Also, it helps the consumer make the right purchasing decisions. Reviews have become a significant part of society and culture to the extent of seeing companies that are focused on reviews only, such as