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What is food recycling?

Food recycling is the process of reusing food that would otherwise have been thrown away because they were cooked in excess and there is nobody to consume it. Food recycling is difficult due to the very perishable nature of foodstuffs. This is more so after the food has been produced. The implication is that several homes and organizations waste tons of food on a daily basis that have negative effects on the environment. The fact that there are also hungry and malnourished people across the world makes wastage of food to be inconsiderate and sort of harsh.

 How you can recycle food as an individual or organization

There are a number of ways you can recycle food as an individual or organization. Individuals have more luxury with recycling food as opposed to organizations. This is because organizations such as restaurants are expected to always serve fresh foods. This is as opposed to individuals that could make do with what they have at home, knowing when it was cooked, who had access to it and how it was preserved. Serving a food that is not fresh to people in public places could have them wondering if it was leftovers that were served to them along with other fears that could scare people away. However, these are some of the ways that food can be recycled by an individual or organization.

Food preservation

One of the major ways of recycling food is by preserving it and consuming it later. Hence, if after eating, you observe that there is more that could have been thrown away. You could opt to preserve it instead. There are several easy and popular ways of preserving including freezing it, refrigerating it, salting it, and drying it among several others. You could look out for the best way of preserving that particular food and opting for it. You can later eat recook the same food and it will still taste good enough with most of the nutrients still intact.

Using it for other meal types

There are certain meals that if you have them as left over, you could use them as ingredients to make other types of meal. You can take advantage of such arrangement to recycle a food you should have thrashed. For instance, if you have left over milk from a previous meal, and it was not preserved, it could have gotten soured. The soured milk can be used as a replacement for sour cream or buttermilk and use to make several other delicacies. There are many foods that you can easily use as an ingredient to make another delicacy instead of thrashing them.

Giving the food out

Another way you can recycle food as opposed to wasting it is giving it out. Depending on the type of food, you could immediately send the excess to orphanages where they can be used to feed hungry children or to animal farms where they can be used to feed animals.