Having a Trademark Lawyer for Registering Your Trademark

Deciding to create something unique to your business it is more important that a trademark is registered for the world to recognize and associate with your business. A trademark identifies you, as a business, to your competitors and consumers that are loyal to your business for the services and/or services provided. A trademark is a very useful business tool that needs to be protected at all times by first registering it with the United States Patent and Trademark Office using a lawyer to guarantee trademark registration. However, not all lawyers are good lawyers in the registration and protection of your trademark. When it comes to registering and protecting your trademark Kennedy Law Firm is the best choice.

Applying for a Trademark

Creating a trademark can be useful for any business to be easily recognized and developing trust with its consumers; however, before reaping the benefits a trademark must first be protected by being registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Registering a business’s trademark is a difficult lengthy process starting with choosing the right trademark, a trademark that accurately portrays a business while being unique as not to look similar to an already existing registered trademark. If your trademark looks similar to a registered trademark then it is likely a trademark application to be denied (Morales, 2018). In order to register a trademark with the USPTO, an application form must also be correctly completed, and have a description that contains a list of the products and/or services the trademark represents along with a description of each product and service. Based on the trademark, and the completion of the application form, a trademark application can be approved or rejected. If not rejected immediately, the final step before definite approval is defending your trademark against any objections raised by business’ with registered trademarks that feel your trademark is too similar to their business trademark which may lead to confusion (Morales, 2018). To save money, it is possible to complete this process on their own only paying for application and shipping fees. Yet, unless you know what you are doing handling this process without a lawyer can cost you more than if you had one.

Why You Should Hire a Trademark Lawyer

By hiring a trademark lawyer, it can save your business a lot of money guaranteeing a higher chance of success registering a trademark as it will be done by a professional. When hiring a trademark lawyer, you can be sure you are applying with a unique trademark as a trademark lawyer will conduct a thorough search on the US Trademark Electronic Search System to ensure your business trademark is less likely to be confused with another already registered trademark. In regards to the application form, the application form can be confusing containing legal terminology that a trademark lawyer can help understand. With a trademark lawyer, it is less likely your trademark application will be rejected due to the application being completed incorrectly. They can help with an accurate in-depth description of business products and/or services so not to be rejected due to vagueness (Morales, 2018). Lastly, a trademark lawyer is more skilled in handling any objection raised by a business with a registered trademark guaranteeing success in having your business trademark approved (Morales, 2018).

Choosing the right lawyer for trademark registration, and protection, can be a hassle but in Dallas, there’s only one choice, Kennedy Law Firm. The Dallas location of Kennedy Law Firm has many Dallas trademark lawyers skilled in trademark registration. Our lawyers are guaranteed to assist in trademark registration guaranteeing your trademark will be approved for registration with the first application. The trademark lawyers at Kennedy Law Firm are experienced in assisting not only in the registration of your trademark, but defending your trademark if trademark infringement is committed by a business attempting to use, or created a trademark too similar to yours. Our Dallas trademark lawyers have a reputation for successfully representing business whether their trademark is being infringed, or if their trademark is being accused of being an infringement (Kennedy Law, 2019). No matter the need, the Kennedy Law Firm is the best choice in Dallas for trademark registration and defense.


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