When you are involved in an accident, your first cause of action should be retaining an attorney to represent you. You may also decide to pursue the case on your own, which isn’t advisable unless you sustained minor injuries such as bruises. However, hiring a team of Atlanta car accident attorneys for severe injuries such as spinal code injury may be the best thing because it increases your odds of winning the claim.  

Some of the things that will determine the success rate of your case include the documents that will help prove liability. For instance, the first document that you may need to secure are the accident reports, which are pivotal when reconstructing the accident scene. Accident reports may include your personal notes or witness notes taken at the scene of the accident and police reports.

So, what are some of the other documents that you will need in a personal injury claim? Well, they include but aren’t limited to the following:

  • Tickets related to the accident

If you are involved in an accident, you’ll be given a traffic ticket, and your lawyer will, for sure, be interested in that. Remember, you don’t only have to retain a car accident lawyer if you are the victim. If you are involved in an accident and aren’t sure about whose fault it is, retain a lawyer because other parties will likely do the same.

  • Photographs

The photographs will not only prove that the accident happened but also help your attorney reconstruct the accident scene, especially when they show the involved car’s positions. That way, it can be easier to pinpoint who was driving on the right lane and who was not.

  • Witness statements

The police will record the witness statements, and your lawyer will also interrogate the witnesses to prepare accounts. Witness statements are vital, especially when calling witnesses to the stand to corroborate what they said in writing. Remember, the insurance company and other concerned parties will also obtain their own statements.

  • Medical records

An accident will likely leave you with physical injuries, which will demand that you seek medical attention immediately. The medical records will help your attorney estimate the extent of damage and give a rough value for the claim. Moreover, a car accident attorney can also help you get specialized treatment in the case of severe injuries such as spinal cord injury and obtain the records on your behalf; with written permission. 

  • Salary records

Lastly, you’ll also need pay records, especially when you want to prove loss of income as a result of the accident. One of the reasons for filing for a compensation claim is to get indemnified so that you are cushioned from the aftermath effects of the accident, such as partial or full loss of income. You can also obtain a letter from your employer, especially when you are unable to work as before because of physical impairment.

The above documents will be in a position to help your lawyer build a watertight compensation case that will see you winning. Besides the documents, you also need to hire an experienced lawyer, especially when your case will likely attract courtroom litigation.