In building a household there will definitely be various trials. Most of them because they have to unite two very different traits. Even the conflict is unavoidable. Even prolonged conflicts can occur in a divorce.

Divorce here is the termination of a marriage bond based on legal provisions. If in a marriage bond there is no longer a match and there is no harmony in the relationship the husband and wife may file for divorce.

Divorce in civil law

Civil law is a provision that regulates individual rights in a society governed by the state. In the case of divorce there are several reasons why a husband or a wife filed for divorce according to civil law, along with the description:

Adultery which means sexual intercourse is carried out by a person who is married to another man or woman who is not his partner. People who commit adultery do so consciously, of their own volition and without coercion.

Get away from a residence on purpose. But filing for divorce, for this reason, a husband or a wife must leave the house more – more than 5 years. If a husband or a wife returns again before five years, a divorce claim, for this reason, is not acceptable. But if he goes back again he may file a divorce again after 6 months.

Imprisoned for more than 5 years, namely, a husband or wife who is being imprisoned for more than 5 years or serving a severe sentence, a husband or wife may file a divorce certificate. Because the purpose of marriage cannot be carried out by one party.

Doing violence or persecution carried out by one of the parties to his partner so that the pair suffered injuries that were quite dangerous or traumatized could apply for divorce.

The function of an advocate or attorney in a divorce

In divorce, someone can be accompanied by a consultant or divorce lawyer. Actually, the advocate’s function in divorce is like any other legal case such as:

  • accompanying, representing and supporting legal interests in a divorce lawsuit. For people who are busy and are in the process of divorce. The process can be represented by his lawyer. But other functions of advocates or lawyers in divorce cases are more than that.
  • Submit divorce if there are elements that are not in accordance with the law in marriage :
  • Application for child custody
  • Request for the distribution of property of both parties
  • Divorce filing in civil law

Now, every divorce must require the services of a divorce attorney. Many l attorneys today are very experienced, contact wills and trusts solicitors to get the best assistance for your case.  A good attorney is a attorney who understands the condition of his client. In addition to the costs of divorce attorneys, it must also be considered according to your budget.