Humans are social beings, and once in a while, everyone craves to be with someone, a partner. It makes us feel complete, special, worthy and most importantly, it takes the loneliness away.

Coronavirus has given loneliness a whole different meaning. Stuck in quarantine, binge-watching by yourself, cuddling your pillow to sleep, and the lone-time no longer gratifies you but instead, you feel lonely.

The next available option to quench your ‘loneliness thirst’ is going for a partner-hunt on these dating sites. And this forms the subject of our article today.

We shall talk through some of the dating options available for you, we’ll also see how dating apps have made it easier to date nowadays, and what you need to be cautious about online dating.

Dating options

The tradition when it comes to dating sounds somewhat romantic. You know, meeting someone while taking a stroll in the park… accidentally bumping into someone in your high school hallway…you know the drill.

However, this has taken a shift. The new norm is the swipe-right swipe-left kind of meeting. Which is okay, if you do it the right way. I’ve met married couples who met through dating sites.

Bottom line, if it doesn’t matter how you met, what matters is that the person you met fulfills you as a person.

Dating Apps/sites?

There are so many dating apps and websites out there. While some companies have dominated the internet, there are still others that work just as fine.

Almost all of these apps work similarly, if you like someone you swipe them right/left depending on the app, and in turn, they like you back.

When you think of it, these dating sites promote a society where people are judged on how best or beautiful they look rather than how good or morally right they are.

This has left a lot of frustrations especially with people who’ve constantly been rejected or rather haven’t been matched with someone.

So when you’re doing your matching, though it might be hard to tell, try to show a little grace and not just like people based on their looks. The little bio section can go a long way to tell the character of a person.

Dating tips

I’ll divide my tips based on the stages you are in. Normally it’s three stages; the talking stage, the meeting stage, and after the meet-up. 

Talking stage

This happens right after matching with someone. You talk. Know the other person’s hobbies, what they like, what are their biggest turn-offs, and such.

Set your intentions straight. Confused priorities are what lead to a lot of frustrations. If you joined the site to find love, then say it. If sex is what you’re looking for, then find a polite way to put it.

I’m disappointed at how dating sites work nowadays. People hide behind the “I want a relationship” when deep down all they want is the sex bit of it.

The good thing is that you can be able to tell if someone is in it for sex based on how they talk. If the person is in a rush to meet you and constantly talks about how your body features, appeal to them. I mean it’s not bad to compliment, but to some certain level, it becomes sketchy.

Meeting stage

This stage is where you meet the person for the first time. With that said, the first impression matters a lot.

You’ve probably heard of catfish before, right? While you pray it’s not a catfish, be sure to let them go the moment you get catfished. It’s a bad indication of character. However, I am happy that some apps have profile verification to reduce identity theft and catfish. So before you even decide on which app to use, such things should matter. To help you make a better app/site choice in that regard, you should read dating apps and site reviews on such sites as ReviewsBird.

The way you’ll dress for your first date matters a lot. You should assemble an outfit that shows some level of confidence and at the same time making you look attractive. To help you out, there are thousands of ideas and inspiration on how to dress for a first date.

After meeting

If things don’t go well on your first date, it might mean that you’ll not be getting another date, you can still go back and try finding someone else. If it does, then it’s highly likely you’ll go for a few more dates before finally deciding to get into a relationship or a casual relationship.

Keep the romance fire burning. And when you both agree that it’s time to take things to the next level, possibly lovemaking, then you ought to pay attention to your sex appeal or attractiveness.

You may have a look at Babeland, a company that has you covered in that regard. It is a boutique that offers quite a variety of erotic aids for couples, talk of seductive lingeries, e.t.c.

Concluding, if done the right way, online dating can lead to something big.