The definition of construction services is an activity to build facilities or infrastructure which in the process includes the construction of buildings (construction), mechanical & electrical installations, and also the construction of civil infrastructure (civil engineer). This service is very much needed in the construction of public facilities such as hotel fit out to the office or gym fit out.
Construction services have the meaning of a construction work planning consultancy services, construction work implementation services, and construction work supervision consultancy services.
Then the definition of construction work is the whole or a part of a series of planning and/or implementation activities along with supervision which includes architectural, civil, mechanical, electrical, and environmental management as well as the completeness to complete a building.
Based on the understanding of the law, in its implementation in the community itself, a business called Construction Services was formed.
The business scope of this construction service is quite a lot. This includes the classification of physical forms, categories, the scope of a business, employment contracts, legality, construction services that are allowed to do business, and also the obligations & responsibilities of service providers. Check out the information below.
Classification of Physical Forms of Construction Services
The purpose of the classification of physical form here is the type of building attached to the ground. What are the types? The following are:
• Home
• Building
• Hotel
• Airport
• Street
• Dam
• Pier
• Port
• Garden
• Station
Construction Planner
Construction Planner in charge of providing planning services in construction which includes a series of activities or parts of activities. From the development study to the preparation of construction work contract documents, those who received this task are usually referred to as Planning Consultants.
The Construction Executor is in charge of providing implementation services in construction work which includes a series of activities or parts of activities ranging from field preparation to the final delivery of the results of construction work, which are generally called Construction Contractors.
• Construction Supervision
The Construction Superintendent must provide supervision services in part or whole construction work. From the preparation of the field to the final surrender of construction, those in charge of this position are usually referred to as Supervision Consultants.
Coverage of the Construction Services Business Sector
The field of business services includes many fields, such as civil, architectural, electrical, mechanical, and environmental governance. The following is the explanation:
• Civil Works
Service providers in the field of civil works are usually called civil construction services. Some examples from the field of civil works are construction of buildings, bridges, roads, railway lines, airstrips, underground roads, tunnels, flood control, and drainage channels, ports, dams, irrigation networks or water resources infrastructure, building structures, construction of factories and mines including maintenance, and demolition works.
• Architectural field
The field of architecture includes simple, medium, high tech building architecture, landscape architecture including its maintenance, interior architecture.
• Electrical Work
The electrical sector includes plant installations, electricity installations, transmission and distribution networks, railway signals and telecommunications, telecommunications and air and sea navigation aids, radio transmitter buildings, telecommunications networks, instrumentation, telecommunications centers, lightning rods, including their maintenance.
• Mechanical Works
Mechanical fields include air installation, industrial installation, gas installation, thermal and sound insulation, construction of elevators and escalators, piping, including maintenance.
• Environmental Work Sector
Fields of environmental management include urban planning, environmental engineering, environmental impact analysis, other environmental arrangements, water treatment buildings and waste treatment, regional development, clean water pipelines, and waste pipelines, including their maintenance.