How To Take Your Race Cars To A Whole New Level With Superchargers

Supercharging history in drag racing and how they can be properly applied to vehicles.

For some time now, supercharging has been very prominent among drag racers who are aware that sufficient airflow to the cylinders cannot be delivered by mother nature. Within the NHRA, superchargers are available in several categories which are frequently utilized by most OE automobile producers to enhance the efficiency of street and track racing.

The output is being increased by supercharging through the introduction of pressurized air into the intake of the internal combustion engine. However, the introduction of the supercharger will double or triple the torque and horsepower.

Contrary to turbos which are driven by hot exhaust gasses, the blowers are directly driven into the crankshaft. This implies that the engine rpm is directly proportional to the speed of the supercharger. Considering this, the parasitic drag usually results from mechanical loss, but its benefits are … Read More

Benefits of Working as a Nurse

Nursing can be a fun and rewarding career. A nurse can help their patients and the career is in high demand. There are accelerated nursing programs Kansas City to help a person earn their nursing license. There are many rewarding experiences that a person can have as a nurse.

Plenty of Jobs

In the United States, there is a shortage of skilled nurses. There will be a 16 percent growth in this field and there are over a million nursing positions that need to be filled. There is an expected shortage of nurses until 2025. Nurses can enjoy job security and there is plenty of room for advancement. Nurses are being actively recruited by many top organizations and hospitals.

Working Environment

Nurses do not just work in hospitals. Nurses can work in many different environments. They can work for schools, government buildings, offices, private homes, or can even travel around … Read More