Was the death of this Newark police caused by mismanaging insurance?

The widow of a retired cop who recently died indicated that the new prescription cards and insurance that was never made available for many weeks hindered his medications and led to his death, escalating the chaos that resulted from a change to a new medical care system in the city.

Christina Hoff, a lifetime Newarker informed NJ Advance Media that even though she was not God, he would still be alive if he was administering his medications and that the city ignored him and many others too.

Stephen Waddell, her husband was aged 56 when he died after serving the city for 25 years, initially as a City Hall janitor for 6 years, then as a cop for 19 years.

Jack Kelly, the business administrator ignored all requests to comment on Waddell’s death, but later responded by mail to the president of the police union informing them that Waddell actually … Read More

How to Find The Best Injury Attorney?

When you get yourself involved in an accident, you know that you can’t let things slide on their own. You need to hire an injury attorney that will represent you in the future legal situations. See some of them here.

Some people don’t take this seriously and think they can handle things alone. The problem with this is that even if you have a friend, partner, or family to help, this is never enough.

You need a person who is skilled and educated in the field of injury law. This is a segment of the legal practice that is different and requires special attention by a person who knows what is doing.

Just like you can’t expect a murder detective to be on the same level as a financial fraud detective. They are both working for the state, but they are skilled in completely different areas.

When it comes … Read More

Finding A Reputable Attorney For Sex Crimes


If you’ve found that you have been suddenly charged with a sex crime, it’s important that you get an attorney. Without having the proper representation, you could see yourself going to prison and coming back out with sex offender status for the rest of your life. Make sure this doesn’t happen to you by getting a sex crime attorney.


As soon as you know that you could potentially have charges filed against you, it’s important to get in contact with an attorney right away. By not contacting an attorney early on, you can make mistakes like giving information to those that are only seeking to do harm against you. By having an attorney, they can inform you what you are allowed to talk about in public without incriminating yourself. Make sure to get an attorney as soon as you can when a sex crime is involved.

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Check Out Whiplash Claims Review with Personal Injury Solicitors Dublin

Whiplash is one of the most common injuries that are often mistreated and neglected because people do not understand the condition. It happens during a car accident, which is a highly unfortunate but common situation of our everyday lives.

Since it is that common and may cause severe issues, insurance companies created personal injury coverage’s that allows beneficiaries to get personal damage in case of whiplash. Whiplash claims are usually after a violent jolt of the head that affects neck muscles.

If the car accident happened, and you had seatbelt that secured your body from sudden breaking, an immediate impact can lead to whiplash injuries, which will affect your neck and shoulders.

What Are Symptoms Of Whiplash?

Description: C:\Users\Stefan\Downloads\grabbing-neck-after-car-crash-social.jpg

Everything depends on the specific situation that happened to you as well as other factors such as space between your seat and head, the force of impact as well as body orientation during … Read More