W.P Carey Obtains 44 Self-Storage Properties

W.P. Carey Inc. is a global real estate investment trust (REIT) that boasts of as much as 100 self-storage facilities in the country. W.P. Carey completed a merger with its managed fund CPA:17 Global. The deal, which amounted to nearly $6 billion, led to the acquisition of 44 net lease self-storage properties, in addition to other properties. The deal means W.P. Carey has diversified its portfolio to nearly 1,200 net-lease properties consisting of 133 million square feet. The properties are located in the U.S and Europe. All properties have been leased to more than 300 tenants.

“The actualization of this deal is a great achievement for W.P Carey, essentially transforming the company into a leading business with more essential earnings,” W.P Carey CEO Jason Fox said. “We have a diversified portfolio at a favorable cap rate of around 7% and, having brought the assets on behalf of CPA:17.”

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Truck Accidents-Common Causes and Mistakes to Avoid

There are different types of vehicles, and heavy trucks are familiar sights on many roads. Truck accidents are common, and many cause accidents and result in serious injuries, damages, and losses. Sadly, most people believe that the driver should bear the blame in case of an accident. But, many other things increase the likelihood of truck accidents.

Here are common truck accident causes:

1. Improper loading

Improper loading of cargo is a common cause of truck accidents. It results in shifting, uneven weight distribution, and all these are significant contributors to truck accidents. To prevent truck accidents, load freights appropriately to avoid accidents and injuries.

 If you incur injuries involving a truck, your top priority should be to get medical help. The next step would be to contact a Rockford truck accident lawyer since you may be entitled to compensation for the injuries. The attorney will assist you in following … Read More

What to do when involved in a car accident

You can get involved in a car accident even if you are not driving. Maybe you are just taking a casual evening walk, and a motorist knocks you down violently. Accidents can cause the worst of physical and psychological pain, especially if it leaves you physically disabled. Seeking compensation is the first thing that should come into your mind.

So, if you get involved in an accident, what should you do? Remember, an accident will happen so fast, and whatever follows later is a state of confusion and worry. Either way, you should do the following things, which will make the work of a New Orleans car accident lawyer easier when fighting for a settlement:

  • Take photos at the scene

If the car accident isn’t fatal, then the first thing that you must do is take photographs of the scene. You can use your smartphone and take as many pictures … Read More

How to Boost Your Lawyer Website?

For most people, the internet is the place to find everything they need. You don’t even have to go to the store, you can order everything and it will arrive at your address. More people are finding their lawyers online based on reviews and ratings. This usually happens if you don’t know too many people in your area. When your website is on the first page of Google for the keyword of your area and lawyer, there 70% they will visit it.

You can have around 90% chance people will visit your page if you are at the top 3 places on the first page of Google. Reviews can impact ratings a lot so it is necessary to know how attorneys should respond to negative reviews for their law firm. Some of the reviews may be paid which is illegal and that’s why you need to be connected only … Read More

Was the death of this Newark police caused by mismanaging insurance?

The widow of a retired cop who recently died indicated that the new prescription cards and insurance that was never made available for many weeks hindered his medications and led to his death, escalating the chaos that resulted from a change to a new medical care system in the city.

Christina Hoff, a lifetime Newarker informed NJ Advance Media that even though she was not God, he would still be alive if he was administering his medications and that the city ignored him and many others too.

Stephen Waddell, her husband was aged 56 when he died after serving the city for 25 years, initially as a City Hall janitor for 6 years, then as a cop for 19 years.

Jack Kelly, the business administrator ignored all requests to comment on Waddell’s death, but later responded by mail to the president of the police union informing them that Waddell actually … Read More