Can I Leave Money in My Will to My Pet?

With 1 in 2 households in the UK owning a pet, whether that’s one of the 8 million cats or 8 and a half million dogs, it’s safe to say that we’re obsessed with our furry little friends. But while the majority of us will long outlive our pets, what happens to your pets if you die before they do? After all, we want our pets to be looked after just as much as our relatives are. Thankfully, it’s easy to make provision for your pets in your will, although there are some things you can’t do.

How is a pet treated in a will?

While our obsession with our pets may extend to some people wanting to leave money to their pets, this is not something you can legally do. Pets are treated as ‘chattels’ or personal property, so you can’t directly leave the pet any money. However, it … Read More

Divorce in Civil Law and the Function of Divorce Attorneys

In building a household there will definitely be various trials. Most of them because they have to unite two very different traits. Even the conflict is unavoidable. Even prolonged conflicts can occur in a divorce.

Divorce here is the termination of a marriage bond based on legal provisions. If in a marriage bond there is no longer a match and there is no harmony in the relationship the husband and wife may file for divorce.

Divorce in civil law

Civil law is a provision that regulates individual rights in a society governed by the state. In the case of divorce there are several reasons why a husband or a wife filed for divorce according to civil law, along with the description:

Adultery which means sexual intercourse is carried out by a person who is married to another man or woman who is not his partner. People who commit adultery … Read More