Cases: 4 Examples of Copyright Infringement

Cases- Someone who creates a copyrighted work, then they also have the copyright or commonly known as copyright. Copyright is the exclusive right for the creator or recipient of the right to publish or reproduce his creation or give permission not to reduce the restrictions according to the applicable laws and regulations. Copyright is also part of intellectual property rights.

In addition, Copyright applies to various types of works of art, or copyrighted works or creations, not just music. These creations include poetry, plays, films, choreographic works, musical compositions, sound recordings, paintings, drawings, sculptures, computer software, and industrial designs.

Come back again that the world is not that good. Due to the fact that there are still many cases of copyright infringement that occur. To discuss this, here are 5 examples of the most common Copyright Infringement:

Song Copyright Infringement Case

Copyright infringement is an act that does not have permission to use other people’s work for commercial purposes, whether on digital platforms such as Youtube. Inul Vizta karaoke place is one of the most well-known cases of copyright infringement in Indonesia.

Book Copyright Infringement Cases

The term photocopying textbooks, school materials, or novels. This includes copyright infringement because intentionally or unintentionally they have done piracy. If you intend to photocopy the book to get a more affordable price than the original book, it’s better for you to buy a used book.

Software Piracy

Software piracy is the illegal or unauthorized copying or distribution of software. A large number of application users in Indonesia makes software piracy also rampant. The effect may interfere with the performance of other applications or may even be incompatible with your device. Therefore, make sure we buy original devices, not pirated ones.

Internet Copyright Infringement Cases

The easiest place to commit copyright infringement is on the internet. If a website consists of information, news, photographic works, plays, musicals, and cinematography, all are protected by copyright principles. Copying or copying someone’s work without including the name of the owner of the link must be punished.

Those are 4 examples of copyright infringement cases that often occur. With this discussion, we avoid cases of copyright infringement. Because to support the recognition of copyright property, we can only enjoy each original work without piracy.