A band teacher at Chatham County is facing up to three dozen charges on sex crimes after being accused of his involvement with a student.

Robert Woodard, age 28, relinquished his post as a band instructor on Thursday after being accused of 33 counts of sex crimes with regards to what the authorities indicated as inappropriate involvements with a female student at the Chatham Central High School.

Woodward faced charges of:

Eight felony counts on improper involvement with a female student.

Seven felony counts of first-degree sexual crime with a female less than 15 years of age.

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Eighteen felony counts of felony sexual activities with a female student.

The officials from the school indicated that they received a tip from a concerned parent and decided to carry out an investigation on the teacher.

John McCann, a staff at Chatham County Schools stated that once they knew about the situation, they immediately investigated and handed over to the sheriff’s office.

Officials reported that Woodward was a band instructor who spent just a little of his time at the Bennett School but most of his time at the Chatham Central High School.

McCann stated that the decision was a difficult one because there was additional personnel in both who have been affected by the teacher, but currently on campus to ensure the proper care of the students.

CBS North Carolina interviewed some of the students behind the camera who reported that the accusations were the talking point in the school.

The officials indicated that Woodward passed through and passed a background screening before he was employed.

McCann stated that they try as much as possible to ensure that those that are employed to work in the classrooms and schools are totally fit but things like this are unavoidable.

Due to the incident, the school has indicated that Woodward’s teaching license would be revoked by the state.

Woodward is currently being held against a $500,000 bond and has been scheduled to appear in court on the 20th of March.

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