6 Challenges of the Rule of Law in Indonesia

Indonesia is a legal state that applies the principle of the rule of law. The application of this principle in Indonesia has its own history, and there are always challenges to these legal principles.

Unclear legal certainty

The first principle of state law is related to legal certainty, which is currently being heavily promoted. Countries that have not been able to provide legal certainty fairly to all their citizens without exception can only apply the rule of law. This is a condition of a country and calls it an advanced democracy. Strong legal certainty for each individual citizen is one of the characteristics of the rule of law.

Low legal awareness

Another factor that can be one of the problems of the rule of law that can hinder its implementation in a country like Indonesia is the low legal awareness of the community. It will be very difficult to apply the concept of a better rule of law without citizens’ understanding and concern for the existing law.

Weak legal protection

Another challenge that can also arise in hindering the application of the rule of law is that the current legal protection is very weak, especially for the marginalized. Legal protection in Indonesia is still very weak and cannot reach all levels of social life, even justice for the legal protection of its citizens does not apply.

Unrealized legal education

To be able to make the principle of the rule of law work well, citizens must receive relevant legal education so that their understanding of the various types of laws that exist in the world will be very broad. Law education is the right of every nation.

Rampant corruption

Another condition that can also be a challenge for the state is rampant corruption. Citizens may become less sensitive to the many ongoing corruption cases due to corruption.

Unstable economy

Another condition that can also be a challenge in implementing the rule of law is unstable economic conditions. The cause of the economic instability is from various factors, both internal and external. The recent unstable economy has caused political and economic enthusiasm to become less vibrant. The rule of law that runs well can realize the welfare of its citizens.


There are differences between the rule of law and the law, which are easy for you to understand. It must follow a number of standards in order for the equality and prosperity promised by its residents to be realized. That is an explanation of several things related to the challenging conditions of the rule of law.