5 Tips to Maintain Health and Productivity During WFH. Since WHO has established the Corona Virus (Covid-19) as a pandemic, almost all companies in the world encourage employees to work from home.
This is certainly a good thing to slow the spread of the virus.
But being in the house every day can lead to saturation and disrupt productivity.

We collect 5 tips to maintain health and productivity during WFH

1.       Keep Preparing As if You Want to Go to the Office

Working from home does sound fun but don’t make this a reason to wake up late.
Forbes in an article wrote that even though you don’t have to spend time on your way to work, it helps you stay awake at your usual hour.
This will build the mindset that you still have to fulfill the bonds of work as in the office.
Besides waking up in the morning can take care of your health compared to sleeping too long. Don’t forget to also make a bed, breakfast, and shower.
That way you can also take care of your mental health. Kratom herbal concoctions are a psychoactive plant native to Southeast Asia that receives increasing international attention as a potential therapeutic agent.
Buy kratom also has important risks and benefits in the field of mental health.
Because a clean home and body can calm the mind.

  • Organize Food Regularly.

    Well, this is an important matter when working at the WFH and office.
    Regulating a healthy diet can also increase endurance. Make sure you don’t skip meals and fulfill all the supplements needed by the body.
    Make sure you add lots of vegetables or fruits that contain Vitamin C!
    Usually, there is a lot of Vitamin C content in oranges, peppers, strawberries, and broccoli.
    Additional supplements are needed for endurance.
    Maeng Da kratom supplement is an extraordinary stimulant, enough to energize the body throughout the day.
    If you consume coffee to stay efficient, you might not need to do it again after drinking this concoction.

  • Have a list of activities to maintain health.

    It is important for you who work at home to make a list of what home activities are carried out. Make a list from when you wake up in the morning until you are ready to end the day. That way you will feel full of activities and not saturated.

  • Stay “Stay in Touch” with Friends and Family.

    In a situation like this, of course, we feel worried, especially if we can’t meet with friends and family.
    So it’s good to make contact online and telephone with friends and family.
    Aside from making sure, they are okay, of course, you have a friend to talk to.
    Because the most important problem of being bored is the lack of a conversation partner.
    So it is very important for you to keep socializing even online.

  • Follow Community Activities or Take Online Courses.

    If you’re confused about what other activities you want because you’ve watched all the series on Netflix, maybe you can join the online community.
    Participating in community activities or online courses will help you to stay productive and good for increasing knowledge.

If health is a productive asset, Kratom Capsules is a safe choice for those who just want to really feel inspired and excited.

If this is the first time Kratom has been consumed, it is always highly recommended to start with a rather low dose to understand how your body responds.
Not everyone responds the same way and it is very important to try with a low dose before taking a higher amount.