5 Internal Factors in International Relations
5 Internal Factors in International Relations

International relations are relations between one country and another. The purpose of international relations is to achieve national interests. They usually do this in various fields, such as the economic, security, socio-cultural, and political fields.

Internal factors in international relations

Internal factors, as the name implies, usually come from within a country. The existence of internal factors makes a country decide to establish international relationship. Here are some of them:

There is a concern because the survival of the country is threatened

A country establishes international relations because it is afraid that its country will carry out a coup or get intervention from other countries.

Uneven natural resources (SDA)

In order to fulfill their needs, the state carries out import-export activities.

Not meeting national needs well

Because it has not met national needs adequately, it requires international relationships.

Meet national needs requires international relationships between countries. This is done to meet the needs that cannot be produced by the nagara. For example, the import of vehicles.

Realizing the national interest

Internal factors in international relationships also occur if a country wants to realize its national interest. Every country has national interests, both in the fields of politics, economy and so on. In order to realize these interests, a country will establish international relationship.

Different geographic location

Countries will establish international relations if the conditions and geographical locations are different it affects several areas of life. For example, a country that cannot grow spices will import spices from other countries. Please click this article to know about business festivaldelladriatico